Lover’s Moon

Full and bright hangs there lover’s moon. Springst romance in this night of June. Reach out to touch thee does my hand. Leap up my feet from where I stand, Yet lover’s moon is still too far. . The stars start to blink mocking me. Also laughters heard from the trees. Is my solitude so […]

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Why and While

Why heart is the tenderest thing, While love is but the roughest thing? Why the two needs encountering, For the suffering to beget? . Why bygones can’t be just bygones, While present is mostly cheat’ on? Why, why memory needs to haunt, Merely for the sore to beget? . Why is it true that you […]

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Epistle to Myself

Halt, halt ere thy feeling goes wander, Halt, halt ere thy heart falls there yonder. Ere thy soul starts orbit that of his, And thy body then cries in a whizz For it hath become his satellite. Though thou may feel nothing but delight, Yet its power’s mighty, thou think not. Thy tragedy therefore shall […]

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Dante’s Purgatorio

No. It is not love. No. I cannot say that I love you. For, love cannot be demonic or sinful. No, but all the sins my soul is ready to be committed to – Can absolutely demonstrate the infatuation I have for you. . How many are there, the sins in this earthy garden? Seven? […]

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Stop the Larks from Singing

Stop the larks from singing What an impolite chirping! Don’t they know I’m dreaming Of him, dearest, my darling!   There the sun! Stop shining through the cloud! No, I won’t let the night to end now. Don’t you know I’m safe and sound, In his arms where I long to be.   Stop the […]

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‘Til Death Do Us Part

I Love is a wonderful word. But the feeling itself makes my heart stirred. More delight when, to thee, my heart is preferred. Oh it is love that I shall always feel for thee. II The divine is so holy to bind us together. From now on, we belong to one’s another. The love we […]

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I Der Himmel ist heute sehr schön. Bright and blue; that’s how my eyes learn. Oh look, how my heart also yearns, To be sehr schön as the sky. . Why so, why am I so envious? of what I see now so prosperous, of nature, das sieht Glücklich aus. For you’ve gone und ich […]

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Insane, Insane!

As if my eyes were, by you, colour-dyed, Because now looking straight at that blank sky, All I see is the colour of your eyes. There! there comes also the shape of them, Clearly in round, so brightly as they shine. Good god! Tell me if I am colour-blind. . Oh! How that same sky […]

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By the Fall of the Night

By the fall of the night, I swear by the horizontal twilight- Of my feeling that it is quite- What one would define as love. . Oh! you you you, my dear. You alone my heart sees clear. Oh! how I wish you were by my side, When the night is falling here. Suggested soundtrack: […]

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