Untitled #1

A: If fate may allow, we might meet each other again. B: Soon, I hope? A: Not quite I think. . A: Goodbye. Suggested soundtrack: In by Annelie

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He could not stop keeping his eyes on her that whole day as if he were afraid that somebody was going to steal her from him. Even a few walks apart, he still texted her to make sure if she was alright with the task she was responsible for. She smiled to his text with […]

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When the Morning Comes

Your eyes cherished me tenderly. Your words adored me intensely. Your actions were quite an act of impression. But the air around us felt like an affection. . We never talked about it, thus we never talked it over. It has been years, but my thought of you still lingers. . Where are you now, […]

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I might hurt you massively in our previous life, so that I have to suffer greatly from your action in this life. But could you please consider accepting my apologies and forgive me when you have had enough of your vengeance? Is it possible for you to forgive me, love? I have miserably been in […]

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Ballad in Blues

Suddenly in that o’clock of unfamiliar loneliness, she is missing every single one who came into her life, created memory and then left her altogether. Maybe she is just thinking of the latest one who walked away a year ago, but it will not mean much to wake up her brain to analyse and answer […]

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1. I left one bulb in a bathroom on and the door slightly ajar for the light to shine into a bedroom, making the space not too dark to sleep alone. I heard a familiar voice asking, “What are you afraid of? I’m here with you.” But I was afraid, because there was nobody there. […]

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