The Unaccustomed Recurrence

I was sitting there, at that place we met for the first time a year and a half ago. I went there every Friday at eight o’clock in the evening, the exact date and time I saw your face back then. I expected you would show up after all these times, but you never did. […]

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You: 445

It felt like a person who just said she would give up smoking after inhaling that burning breath, enjoying that last bit of happiness. But then there you are, showing up with another cigarette, lightening it up and handing it to her. “Here, another chance to feel happiness. Would you dare to refuse?” . No, […]

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You: 244

The truth is you always save me in my dreams, and somewhat ‘from’ my dreams too. Suggested soundtrack: In Metaphor, Solace by Luke Howard

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Personal No. 7

You probably thought that, in my silence, I am at peace. No. I cannot find peace at all after receiving that note from you. It has been a state of battle within me, me against myself. One tries to be with you, the other tries to be against you. . You, you, you, you, you, […]

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Untitled #3

I breathed in and blew out, but it did not go away with the column I saw now flowing in the air in front of me. My hands were shaking, I got up and walked around. I sat down again, breathed in another time and held in for longer seconds. I noticed my heart beating […]

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Personal No. 6

And I inhaled that burning breath so deep. I just wanted to drown myself in that particular happiness nothing else could ever make as long as possible. . Maybe next time I could just let it flame my bronchi and die in happiness. Suggested soundtrack: Piano Trio No. 2 in E-Flat, Op. 100 D. 929: […]

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Untitled #2

She was attentively listening to him when he confessed all of his feelings. Wait, perhaps she just thought she was so, because all she could remember afterwards was his eyes, not his words. So let’s put it this way. She was staring into his eyes when he said what he has kept inside. However, though […]

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