Bertha Mason Scene 5

INT: A CHATEAU UP IN MONT VINAIGRIER, ÈZE – DUSK CLOSE UP – PIERRE’S FACE Pierre is kneeling next to Bertha’s bed, holding her left hand. His sorrowful eyes are fixing at her pale face. BERTHA Tell me, please tell me that what I perceived to be your feelings for me back then was not […]

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Untitled #6

She told him that whenever it is and wherever she will be, he will always be her inspiration. It has been ten years since, and she still feels the same. Even though she barely remembers his face. Suggested soundtrack: Theme – From “Varmints” Soundtrack by Jóhann Jóhannsson

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Jacob’s Room

In a sudden I feel grievous, looking up from page 44 of Jacob’s Room through the rain-strained window to the top of a leafless tree backgrounded by the cloudy sky of December the first. Fresh out of college with a mind full of ideology and ideas, with that body full of strength and energy, young men […]

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Dalloway Chapter 3

Doctor, your tabs are not effective enough to bring me to the dark realm of sleep. Another white tab was in my hand. Doctor would certainly scold me for doing this. I felt the cold water running down my throat. Fauré’s Requiem is so relaxing, would God curse me for listening to Requiem instead of […]

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Why and While

Why heart is the tenderest thing, While love is but the roughest thing? Why the two needs encountering, For the suffering to beget? . Why bygones can’t be just bygones, While present is mostly cheat’ on? Why, why memory needs to haunt, Merely for the sore to beget? . Why is it true that you […]

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Soliloquy with You

Read: 17:56 Hello, how are you? Read: 18:00 I am up on the top of the parking lot I told you about. Read: 18:00 The one I said I like to come up watching the sun set. Read: 18:01 The one you said that you would like to be… Read: 18:01 With me. Read: 18:05 […]

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Untitled #4

I think about those old days quite often. I think I miss that environment: the sight of the ferries, the sound of the boats, the noise in the common area, those groups of annoying pigeons, the chaotic scene of the cafeteria during lunch break. I think I also miss those chats about trifles with friends, […]

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The Unaccustomed Recurrence

I was sitting there, at that place we met for the first time a year and a half ago. I went there every Friday at eight o’clock in the evening, the exact date and time I saw your face back then. I expected you would show up after all these times, but you never did. […]

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You: 445

It felt like a person who just said she would give up smoking after inhaling that burning breath, enjoying that last bit of happiness. But then there you are, showing up with another cigarette, lightening it up and handing it to her. “Here, another chance to feel happiness. Would you dare to refuse?” . No, […]

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You: 244

The truth is you always save me in my dreams, and somewhat ‘from’ my dreams too. Suggested soundtrack: In Metaphor, Solace by Luke Howard

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