It is normal for human being to go off the boundary of morality sometimes. To remind ourselves that we are a being with sensitive heart and incandescent feelings, things that society has long set rules to limit them. But leave it at the word ‘sometimes’, do not move closer to ‘always’. Otherwise we would shatter […]

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I Der Himmel ist heute sehr schön. Bright and blue; that’s how my eyes learn. Oh look, how my heart also yearns, To be sehr schön as the sky. . Why so, why am I so envious? of what I see now so prosperous, of nature, das sieht Glücklich aus. For you’ve gone und ich […]

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Soliloquy with You

Read: 17:56 Hello, how are you? Read: 18:00 I am up on the top of the parking lot I told you about. Read: 18:00 The one I said I like to come up watching the sun set. Read: 18:01 The one you said that you would like to be… Read: 18:01 With me. Read: 18:05 […]

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Untitled #4

I think about those old days quite often. I think I miss that environment: the sight of the ferries, the sound of the boats, the noise in the common area, those groups of annoying pigeons, the chaotic scene of the cafeteria during lunch break. I think I also miss those chats about trifles with friends, […]

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A Letter to No One Ver. 2

Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to you merely out of an unknown surge of feeling in regards to you. It is bound to you, I am sure. Your absence is ways better than your coldness, I have this conclusion after miserable days of pondering about you. Yet, you see, human’s heart is too […]

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I Miss You

How could one say another words when one just misses someone? To poeticise this feeling; it must be seen artificial, because in one’s head and heart does the only voice shout, I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss […]

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You: 445

It felt like a person who just said she would give up smoking after inhaling that burning breath, enjoying that last bit of happiness. But then there you are, showing up with another cigarette, lightening it up and handing it to her. “Here, another chance to feel happiness. Would you dare to refuse?” . No, […]

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You: 244

The truth is you always save me in my dreams, and somewhat ‘from’ my dreams too. Suggested soundtrack: In Metaphor, Solace by Luke Howard

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Personal No. 7

You probably thought that, in my silence, I am at peace. No. I cannot find peace at all after receiving that note from you. It has been a state of battle within me, me against myself. One tries to be with you, the other tries to be against you. . You, you, you, you, you, […]

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I whispered, “don’t let me go” as I was slowly being dragging from the unconscious state of my sleep back to the conscious state of my wakefulness. It was like a person getting drowned down and down to the deeper realm of the ocean, as the light on the surface of water was gradually disappeared […]

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