Bertha Mason Scene 5

INT: A CHATEAU UP IN MONT VINAIGRIER, ÈZE – DUSK CLOSE UP – PIERRE’S FACE Pierre is kneeling next to Bertha’s bed, holding her left hand. His sorrowful eyes are fixing at her pale face. BERTHA Tell me, please tell me that what I perceived to be your feelings for me back then was not […]

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Bertha Mason Scene 6

INT: UNKNOWN ASYLUM, LYON – NIGHT CLOSE UP – BERTHA’S FACE Bertha dressed in white night gown is lying on her bed, her eyes are open wide fixing at the ceiling. BERTHA  (sotto voce) No, no. Bertha is shaking her head, her eyes are still fixing at the ceiling. BERTHA (CONT’D) No. No. No, no! […]

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Bertha Mason Scene 5

EXT: RUE DE L’UNIVERSITÉ, PARIS – DAY TRACKING SHOT – BERTHA AND ROLAND’S BACK Bertha and Roland are walking side by side down the quiet street. Suddenly Bertha stops and puts her right hand on her left chest. CUT TO: CLOSE-UP – BERTHA’S HAND Bertha puts her right hand on her left chest. CUT TO: […]

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Bertha Mason Scene 4

FADE IN: EXT: AN EMPTY SQUARE IN THE CENTRE OF THE TOWN – LATE AFTERNOON IN SUMMER ZOOM IN FROM BIRD’S EYE VIEW – FROM ABOVE THE TOP OF A STATUE DOWN TO WHERE BERTHA IS SITTING On the ground in front of the huge sacred statue is Bertha sitting with her two hands holding […]

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Bertha Mason Scene 3

FLASHBACK: INT: HOTEL ROOM IN KREUZBERG, BERLIN – DAY Bertha is kneeling with her two hands touching the wooden floor, looking through the glass window where the only source of light shines into the room, lighting up her face which is covered with tears. BERTHA How could he just tell me to forget? How would he manage […]

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Bertha Mason Scene 2

FADE IN: INT: BERTHA’S ROOM – DAY BERTHA’S P.O.V. – CRACK LINE ON A WALL Bertha is sitting with a trowel in her left hand, trying to coat cement into the crack line on the wall. MIDSHOT BERTHA This house has a crack, I need to close it, I need to close it, I need to […]

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Bertha Mason Scene 1

EXT: ROOFTOP – NIGHT INSERT — BERTHA’S FACE With tear in her sad beautiful eyes, Bertha is pointing her finger at her head repeatedly. BERTHA It’s still in here, you know. TRACKING SHOT — BERTHA’S FINGER Bertha is moving her finger down from her head and stops at her left chest. PULL BACK TO MID […]

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