Soliloquy on Award

Read 14:47 You know an artwork is not always good just because it received an award. Read 14:47 Even without an award, it is not always good just because those famous people agree that it is. Read 14:48 Or just because a thousand of people praise it. Read 14:49 And you know, chances that these thousand peoples flatter the […]

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Now I know all the figurative languages great poets, novelists and songwriters of the world have used in their works to illustrate the real feelings an actual human being could experience. They are not overstated, not at all. I get it now how time stopped when someone left. I get it now how those blind […]

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Aesthetics is just a term applied by nurtured people with social-constructed morality, not human beings whose heart and soul are burned by all kinds of fire that fuel the decadent movement. Wilde and Baudelaire would agree with me.

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Soliloquy on Media

Read 11:38 One can possibly be good though with the world seeing her/him doing nothing. S/he could also contribute a whole lot of goodness to the world more than those people on media, but does not want attention. Read 11:39 Or s/he may not have qualified qualities (of this era’s standard which I did not […]

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Soliloquy on Social Network

Read 11:17 People like it this way, they like to be present. This social network is a made-up world, it is artificial. Read 11:18 Those people who post a ton of their selfies with a caption that makes them look pretty and kind, Read 11:18 Or those ones who tell the world how dark their […]

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Inequality or Difference?

I would say, ambivalent. (Philosophical approach, not political). People demand for equality, but how could such thing exist when all beings come to their existence differently? I know, politically there are rights and laws to overlap equality and difference or enforce equality to difference, but what if people demand for equality that would be possible […]

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