A Letter to No One Ver. 3

Dear Sir, I still wish to see you again before my departure, very much eagerly. However, given a second thought, I should not. Rather we should not, if I did not mistake that we do share mutual feelings. I do not know what has gone wrong here ever since, but I will not be able […]

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Juni 22

And I will always be YOURS . modestly, respectfully, sincerely, truthfully, truly, passionately, incandescently, ardently, fervently, fervidly, vehemently. Suggested soundtrack: The Seasons, Op. 37b: VI. June; Barcarolle by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

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Epistle to Myself

Halt, halt ere thy feeling goes wander, Halt, halt ere thy heart falls there yonder. Ere thy soul starts orbit that of his, And thy body then cries in a whizz For it hath become his satellite. Though thou may feel nothing but delight, Yet its power’s mighty, thou think not. Thy tragedy therefore shall […]

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A Letter to No One Ver. 2

Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to you merely out of an unknown surge of feeling in regards to you. It is bound to you, I am sure. Your absence is ways better than your coldness, I have this conclusion after miserable days of pondering about you. Yet, you see, human’s heart is too […]

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A Letter to No One Ver. 1

Dear sir, I hope this government would not be so cruel to punish me for using my freedom of speech to say this: I wish that, in one evening, we could be together out at some rooftop talking about books and humanity with a glass of wine in our hand and jazz music being played […]

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