Is this a Dagger which I See Before Me?

Me: Cut yourself.

Me: No, don’t hurt me.

Me: Your pain will be released.

Me: No no, don’t hurt me.

Me: It is easy, just as you has done before.

Me: No, don’t.

Me: Come on, you good girl.

Me: Please, don’t. I have done nothing wrong.

Me: A shaving knife in the shower room.

Me: No, no. No!

Me: Cut yourself.

Me: Please don’t hurt me. Please.

Me: There you go, good girl.

Me: It is all red yet dark.

Me: That’s right!

Me: No, don’t.

Me: Just draw a line on your flesh!

Me: Let go of me!

Me: Good, good.

Me: Doctor, forgive me…

Suggested soundtrack: Death Speaks: No. 1. You will return by David Lang