Lover’s Moon

Full and bright hangs there lover’s moon.

Springst romance in this night of June.

Reach out to touch thee does my hand.

Leap up my feet from where I stand,

Yet lover’s moon is still too far.


The stars start to blink mocking me.

Also laughters heard from the trees.

Is my solitude so amusing?

Why, when my heart is still singing?

Then I deserve the lover’s moon!


Oh please, come on let me feel thee.

Full of love in life, I am free.

Although my Romeo has gone.

That does not make the stars forlorn.

Let bygone be and I am blessed!


Now now, lover’s moon is lower.

Thou knowst I deserve the better.

Amid this night thou too belongst to me,

To be adored and all fine be.

Ah, bright and full I cherish thee —


The lover’s moon!

Suggested soundtrack: Pavane, Op. 50 by Gabriel Fauré