Dante’s Purgatorio


No. It is not love. No. I cannot say that I love you.

For, love cannot be demonic or sinful.

No, but all the sins my soul is ready to be committed to –

Can absolutely demonstrate the infatuation I have for you.


How many are there, the sins in this earthy garden? Seven?

I: Luxuria / Lust

The moon, jazz tune or red wine,

Cigarette, flower or Florentine.

Any romances great poets get inspired,

All arouses me to possess you!

II: Gula / Gluttony

Compassion, passion, temptation?

Suffering, agony, frustration?

Any feelings that contain you,

Do I consume all, no exception!

III: Avaritia / Greed

Your hair, your eyes, your smile,

Your hands, your body, even your spine,

All of you makes me a greedy person.

For, I need them to be mine only, only mine!

IV: Acedia / Sloth

My day time is spent in thinking of you.

My night time is spared for you too.

My responsibilities are all screwed.

You alone takes up all my time!


I even consent to give away those time I take to breath to you, my dearest!

V: Ira / Wrath

But sometimes I am furious,

That myself being so tedious.

Feeling for you alone is hideous,

For, I leave no room for my own self.


I am angry that I cannot stop myself from you!

VI: Invidia / Envy

All beings and things that you are surrounded.

Things that you touch, people that you are bound.

I envy them all, even the thoughts your mind crowns.

And those beats that pulse in your heart!

VII: Superbia / Pride

But my dear, you also give me pride.

Wanting you is nothing but divine.

You, perfect thing, hear me cry!

Kiss my sins and be mine for Dante’s sake!

No. It is not love. For, love cannot be sinful or demonic.

Suggested soundtrack: Wheatfield With Crows – Loving Vincent (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Clint Mansell