Soliloquy with You


Read: 17:56 Hello, how are you?

Read: 18:00 I am up on the top of the parking lot I told you about.

Read: 18:00 The one I said I like to come up watching the sun set.

Read: 18:01 The one you said that you would like to be…

Read: 18:01 With me.

Read: 18:05 The wind is quite strong this evening.

Read: 18:05 My hair is getting tangled just like that day we were at the beach together 🙂

Read: 18:07 Hello, where are you right now?

Read: 18:15 Sorry, I just fixed my eyes at the horizon and my mind went zoned out.

Read: 18:15 I know you do not like when I am like this.

Read: 18:16 I remember you asked what I was thinking about to be zoned out when I was with you.

Read: 18:16 When you were right in front of me.

Read: 18:17 It was not nice, I know.

Read: 18:17 But I thought of you, of us, of all the things that made us together 🙂

Read: 18:18 I think of you, I miss you.

Read: 18:20 Quite terribly.

Read: 18:21 And what I was thinking about when I was zoned out a few minutes ago was you, all the same.

Read: 18:21 Your eyes, your smile, your hands, you. I thought of you.

Read: 18:22 I thought of the time we were together.

Read: 18:23 Where are you now? The twilight is super nice this moment.

Read: 18:24 Don’t you want to see it with me anymore?

Read: 18:24 Where are you?

Read: 18:30 My mum just texted me to go down for dinner.

Read 18:30 It is so hard to leave this place, you know.

Read 18:30 It is the only place I can feel you.

Read 18:31 And talk to you.

Read: 18:31 Where are you in the world?

Read: 18:32 I am talking to you.

Read: 18:32 Why don’t you say anything, just as you liked to do so much.

Read: 18:33 Where are you?

Suggested soundtrack: For Steven by Joep Beving