Collapsed Imagination


“May I kiss you? If you might allow me to do so?”

She said nothing but bended her face closer to his, nodding her head slowly and let him kiss her.

Time stopped for quite a long moment for them.


To be sincere, it was rather too short before he pulled off his lips from hers.

She looked at him with tears in her eyes.

“God, forgive me. You, too, please forgive me.”

He squeezed her shoulders tenderly and shook his head with sadness in his eyes.

“No, no. No, you don’t have to forgive anyone. I lo-…”

She abruptly stood up and said,

“I have got to go.”

She turned away but stopped short and turned back to him again.

“I hope we could meet again, maybe not very soon. But at least, once again before death deprives us from this…

Earthly existence.”

Tears dropped from her beautiful eyes.

From his, too.


Now my heart is beating too fast with this collapsed imagination. I should stop thinking of you and resume my reading before the plane land in Berlin.

Suggested soundtrack: Bear Story II by Luke Howard