Untitled #3


I breathed in and blew out, but it did not go away with the column I saw now flowing in the air in front of me.

My hands were shaking, I got up and walked around.

I sat down again, breathed in another time and held in for longer seconds. I noticed my heart beating fast, I blew out.

It was still there somewhere. Could be either in my head or my heart, or perhaps it was not anywhere at all. I just imagined it up from the solitude I was facing at the moment, perhaps.


Yet I tried another and another times to blow it out, but I still felt it there.

My hands were shaking more strongly, my heart was beating much faster. I almost went off the lines here on this page.

For God’s sake, stop it!

God, please have mercy on me…

‘Where is the tablet?‘ S**t, I forgot it at home!


I am so scared of my state of mind now.

Suggested soundtrack: Englabörn (Víkingur Ólafsson Piano Version) – Jóhann Jóhannsson & Vikingur Olafsson