It’s Such a Quiet Life, isn’t it? Act VII


Edward is sitting on a wingback chair.

Opposite to him is Jane, looking down on the stage.

Edward (looks at Jane): So that is all about your life?

Jane (looks at Edward’s face): Yes, sir.

Edward is staring at Jane.

Jane (looks at the clock on the mantelpiece behind Edward): I think I should excuse myself, sir.

Edward is still staring at Jane.

Edward (smiles): What is your opinion regarding the story of my life then?

Jane (looks at Edward’s face for a quick moment and looks away): I do not think I have any right to do that, sir.

Edward (laughs): What an outdated idea you have on your mind!

Jane’s eyes are fixing on the stage.


Edward: Why do you keep avoiding contacting my eyes, Miss Eyre?

Jane (looks back at his face): Sir?

Jane then looks away again.

Edward: I am asking you a question, if you could be so kind to answer it. Miss Eyre?

Jane looks back at Edward‘s face, now staring into his eyes.

Jane: Because…

Edward stares at Jane with a bold question mark on his face.

Jane: Because I am afraid I would fall in love with you, sir.

[Stage’s light is dimmed]

Suggested soundtrack: Suite No. 3 for Violin, Viola and String Orchestra, Op. 19 No. 1: I. Prelude. Adagio by Kurt Atterberg – LGT Young Soloists, Christa-Maria Stangorra, Benedict Mitterbauer & Alexander Gilman