I whispered, “don’t let me go” as I was slowly being dragging from the unconscious state of my sleep back to the conscious state of my wakefulness.

It was like a person getting drowned down and down to the deeper realm of the ocean, as the light on the surface of water was gradually disappeared from her sight did she put her hand in that way desperately striving to get up to it. But she could not.

I felt just like that, but the other way around.

Then I was fully awake, still remembered the content of my dream so perfectly that my tears shaded. I was not allowed by nature to touch, to feel nor to experience it anymore.

I wish I could dream the same story again tonight, though I know it is not possible.

Suggested soundtrack: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra: 2. = Ca. 108 by Philip Glass – Gidon Kremer, Vienna Philharmonic & Christoph von Dohnányi