Repertoire Op. 3


“He soon began to feel that the fulfilment of his desires had given him no more than a grain of sand from the mountain of happiness he had been expecting.” (Tolstoy, 467)

Learning from Vronsky*,

Shall we then just run away from society?

Perhaps to Lyon, Provence or Annecy?

Together just for a few months.

“This fulfilment had shown him the error people invariably make when they imagine happiness to be the fulfilment of desires.” (Tolstoy, 467)

Since the future of us is impossible,

Though the heat between us is inevitable,

But you have your own obligation,

I also cannot forgive myself to part you from your noble.

“He soon felt desires for desires, and tedium arising in his soul.” (Tolstoy, 467)

To prevent all the calamity and the boredom of domesticity,

So let’s go, let’s run away together to a foreign city,

A few months through romantic days and nights heavenly,

Do not let anybody know and all will end nicely for you and me


For eternity.

*Vronsky or Count Alexander Kiríllovich Vronsky (Alexey Kiríllich, Alyosha) is a fictional character from a novel Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy.

Suggested soundtrack: Time Forgotten by Brian Crain