He could not stop keeping his eyes on her that whole day as if he were afraid that somebody was going to steal her from him.

Even a few walks apart, he still texted her to make sure if she was alright with the task she was responsible for. She smiled to his text with that most delightful and purest smile you could see from a little child who got surprised on his 4-year-old birthday.

He could not help coming to sit beside her once in a while just because it felt very good to have her near, while she herself also loved the warmth radiated from his body. They talked and giggled to each other, losing in their own blissful world, forgetting people around them.

Taking photograph of what was going on that day was his duty, but he found out later that more than half of the pictures in memory card from his camera were hers. That did not matter however, he did not want to forget her face if some event in the future would do them apart.

That evening he showed her around his house. She asked him, “Why is your house so dark?”. He turned to her shaking that glass of beer in his hand a little, asking her back, “But isn’t it romantic?”, and shooting a little smile after. She smiled back and followed every step he led. She never felt safe and secured as much as she did at that moment.

They stopped at a little photo exhibition nearby the little garden from the front of his house. He asked her, “Do you know how did they take photos in those old days?” She explained every step and the story after to him with bright eyes that made him could not help touching her face fondly and whispered, “How do you know that? Not just a pretty face, aren’t you?”.

“Let’s me show you inside of the house!”, announced him grabbing her hand and together they ran into the building.

He pointed to everyone and explained every story behind those pictures in flame. Some of them were tiny, while some others were huge. Some of them were shot by an old camera, while some others were oil-painted. Some of them were put down on the old cabinets while some others were hung down from the clean wall.

She was sure she listened to every word he said, but she was also sometimes zoned out by those glittering eyes, that sharp nose, those moving lips, his whole charming face.

“You will love this”, said he while pushing the wooden door that opened them into a small cozy library full of old books. He stood still, watching her body moving around those shelves slowly, dreamingly. She touched the spine of a few books softly and said to herself, “Oh, look at these old books!”. Stood close to the door, he knew he would never ever forget this picture of her in front of him right now.

He took her up to the tower of his house quietly. There you could see those fancy cruises from the river. By walking around, you could see lights from other buildings in the whole town. She asked him where the moon was, he held her hand and pointed randomly to the sky where he believed the moon usually shined when it was not in its wane like tonight.

They both led their arms on the veranda facing the river, looking down to the garden below, inspecting people socialising in the party, letting the wind touching their face.

After a long while they seemed to be lost into their mind where they also presented together, suddenly she broke the silence, “If I were you, I would come up here every night to see the moon.”

“Not bad, isn’t it?”, replied him while turning to her. “Do you know, you are very pretty today?”. She turned to him, shaking her head with a smile pretending to be innocence saying, “No, I don’t until you told me”. They both smiled to each other, then he slowly approached her, embracing her waist.

Then the divine moment began, he placed his lips on hers and they kissed. They had no idea for how long before he pulled his lips off hers and breathed and exclaimed, “Oh my god, why you are so sexy!”. Still in his embrace, she said shyly, “Because I wrote the content telling people how to be sexy”. He held her even closer and tighter.

“You know the way to men’s heart, aren’t you?”, replied he and they both kissed again. It felt like there were only the two of them, the wind and the moon up there. They forgot the time, forgot the world, forgot everything. They only knew the sweet taste of each other’s lips and the warmth in each other’s arms.

She abruptly moved her lips off his and exclaimed, “I will never get tired of kissing you”. Spotting his smile, she returned her lips to his and they forgot the whole world again.

The tower was shaken a little when he pushed her against the wall and kissed her even more aggressively.

They started to feel the world moving again when the phone inside the pocket of her jeans vibrated, it was time they were needed downstairs.

She lingered herself in his arms for a little while more, listening to the faint lines of John Legend’s ‘All of Me’ from one of those cruises far in the river.

It was so hard to let her go from his embrace that night, harder than everything he had ever done in his life. So while they were taking steps down from the tower, he stopped at every landing of the stairs and kissed her. Kissed until they both reached the ground floor.

February 18, 2017.

The moment described above sounds pretty much like a fiction, but it did happen for real. Too real that sometimes I thought I wrongly perceived it from a dream of those random nights or it might be just a thought builded up weirdly from fragments of my 25-year-old memory.

It has been a year, but now that it all comes back, it all comes back. And if you are reading until this line and recognize that it is all about you, please do not take it personally. I just remember the story, but I DO NOT FEEL IT… not anymore.

Forget me, one day I will forget you.

Suggested soundtrack: Oblivion, per solista orchestra d’archi by Astor Piazzolla (Salvatore Accardo & Orchestra da Camera Italiana)