It’s Such a Quiet Life, isn’t it? Act VI


Edward is standing in the middle of the stage, turning towards audience.

Enter Jane, approaching Edward.

Jane (embraces Edward from behind): Edward o Edward! You have no idea how much I have missed you!

Edward (coldly frees himself from Jane’s embrace and turns towards her): Sir.

Jane (puzzled): Edward?

Edward: Sir. Miss Eyre. Sir.

Jane: Please accept my apologies sir. May I excuse myself?

Edward: You may Miss Eyre.

Jane (curtsies): Sir.

Exit Jane.

Edward turns back to audience.


Enter Jane, walking slowly to Edward and stops at a proper distance.

Edward (suddenly turns to Jane): Jane, my dearest! Where have you been?

Jane (puzzled): Sir?

Edward: Why are you keeping such a distance away from me? Come closer, dear. Let me kiss you.

Jane: Sir?

Edward (pulls Jane into his arms): Edward, for God’s sake call me Edward!

Jane: Edward.

Edward: Ah my loveliest Jane comes back! Let me kiss you a thousand times!

Jane (smiles): You know, you always have my consent.

Edward smiles and kisses Jane on her cheek.

Exit Jane.

Edward turns back to audience.


Enter Jane, running to Edward with flowers in her hand.

Jane (excited): Edward, look at these flowers!

Edward slowly turns towards Jane.

Edward (coldly): Look good.

Jane: Right! They are from that garden we have been together last year. Do you remember that afternoon, Edward, it was —

Edward: Sir.

Jane (puzzled): My dear Edward?

Edward: Sir. Miss Eyre. And please mind your word.

Jane (curtsies): Sir.

Exit Jane.

Suggested soundtrack: The Wait by Ólafur Arnalds