Soliloquy on Award

Read 14:47 You know an artwork is not always good just because it received an award.

Read 14:47 Even without an award, it is not always good just because those famous people agree that it is.

Read 14:48 Or just because a thousand of people praise it.

Read 14:49 And you know, chances that these thousand peoples flatter the work because they just want to be accepted by their peers are high.

Read 14:51 I don’t know, I’m always convinced by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s self-reliance so I don’t follow them just for the sake of being accepted or being seen as smart as the famous people.

Read 14:51 You have read Roland Barthes’s essays on mythologies right?

Read 14:52 Oh yes, it’s totally fine for me to be hated for not agreeing with the majority!

Read 14:58 It goes just like truth. My witty Oscar Wilde once said, “A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.”. Entirely convincing.