1. I left one bulb in a bathroom on and the door slightly ajar for the light to shine into a bedroom, making the space not too dark to sleep alone. I heard a familiar voice asking, “What are you afraid of? I’m here with you.” But I was afraid, because there was nobody there.

2. I jumped onto a bed and pulled a blanket to cover myself. Upon closing my eyes, that same voice asking playfully, “sleep?”. I nodded without opening my eyes.

3. We were together in a park. He was sitting right next to me, holding my hand so tight. I looked up at his face, that red eyes asked me to tell their owner’s not to worry. “We are not going to be parted anymore.”, said I shaking my head with a sad smile but I knew I could never be happier than this moment. He pulled me into his embrace, I spot tears on his face.

4. That was a chirp of the sparrows, I was sure, from somewhere afar. I stared at a column of the morning light through a small window on the left side of my bed. It was too comfy to get up soon, so I turned to the right side of the bed and saw the owner of the voice I heard last night lying there. He did not open his eyes but he smiled as I turned to him.

5. The other pillow of this king-size bed I was lying on was left on the right side of the bed since last night. I put my left hand on it trying to hug it making my cuddling in bed even more comfy. He smiled as my left hand touched his cheek and turned his body to my side. I played with the spiky beard on his face. He laughed a little and gave that warmest smile to me.

6. I felt a bit too warm so I reached my hand to get the AC remote controller from a table below the small window. “But you said you are allergic to the AC…”, said his voice from somewhere afar…so far that it was almost like a dream.

7. I continued my time alone in bed for a few minutes more. He reminded me that we needed to check out on time, so I got up into the bathroom.

8. Taking my toothbrush from one of the glasses at the edge of a washbasin, my mind took me to that night he teased me when we were brushing teeth together. I sneaked out of the bathroom to look at the bed, hoping to find him lying there but there was nobody.

9. The staff at the hotel helped me with my luggage as I was a small woman walking down from the room alone.

10. I was walking pass one of his favourite restaurants and he said, “let’s have this for breakfast!”. I stopped and walked in, asking for a table for one.

Suggested soundtrack: Élégie, Op. 24 by Gabriel Fauré – Robert DeMaine & Andrew Armstrong