Dalloway Chapter 2


These steps were so glossy, Dalloway thought she could slip. She would slip, they were also steep. “What if you fell back? – You were exhausted”, asked the other Dalloway in her mind. Cars were coming from every way, she hoped she were aware enough. The door was not locked, Dalloway opened it and made her way to the rooftop. Those trees were surely in the park he liked to come. That charming eyes looked at her and smiled. He grabbed her hand. “Listen, was that a call of nightingale?”, asked Dalloway to herself while she was staring at the horizon far yonder. The sun would set in a few minutes and darkness would soon cover that place. The green flag was dancing along the wind. “That green flag was dancing along the wind”, heard herself unconsciously speaking did Dalloway recall herself. She folded her arms as she felt the icy wind touching her face. He asked, “cold?” and covered her shoulders with his suit. His warm smile was all she saw and it was not cold anymore. She closed her eyes to feel the wind and opened them. The sun had already set and she should go inside before somebody started to notice her absence.

Suggested soundtrack: The Last Days by Josh Kramer.