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ASN – 6 months after the emotion collapse, level of sorrow still soars. Local scholar is afraid if the authority continued to ignore this issue, the feeling could hit its highest level again within the next few months.

Assistant Professor Dr. Elizabeth Burns, lecturer in Affection and Passion Sciences and director of Profundis Research Institute of University of Algea noted during her talk on the topic, ‘The Emotion Collapse of 2017: a forgotten evident and its great impact on the history of affection’ last week that people who had power to limit sorrow stimulation factors should take action before it was too late.

Around 1:12 PM local time today, Alice Fairfax, a spokeswoman of Chronic Sorrow Control Department (CSD), Ministry of Affection and Sorrow, told ASN that “We have already shut down all the factors, but their toxicity has continued its effect. We do not know how long it would take but we should not lose our hope.” She also added that the director of the department did not think the sorrow level would be decreasing soon but it would not hit its highest level again.

“The sorrowers seem to be in good physical health which is already good enough for the present moment.“, said Dr. Fitzwilliam Rochester, the Director of CSD a few weeks after the collapse. It has remained his only statement on the situation ever since.

Suggested soundtrack: River (The Tree of Life – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Alexandre Desplat

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