One Day

One day I will be sitting in a car stuck in the rush-hour traffic, looking out of the window to the pouring rain.

Flashing back to what had happened during those months, 10 years ago. How we met, how we talked, how we laughed, how our hands touched and intertwined, how we got drunk, how we danced, how we kissed, how I rested my head on your shoulder, how we cuddled in bed,

how we said goodbye and how I cried like a child that night.

And wondering if he is doing fine, dry and warm at the moment when it is raining that heavily. Because I will remember how much he hates the rain.

The red light will switch to green and that will make me recall myself.

I will then smile to what had happened 10 years ago, and drive on.

Life goes on.

Suggested soundtrack: 1440 by Ólafur Arnalds

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