Dalloway Chapter 1

The street was strangely empty tonight, thought Dalloway while she was making her way through the path where the story began a few years ago. He was there at the corner at the end of the street waving excitingly at her. She hurried her step and saw that smile which was brighter than the sun in that summer’s day. Her room would still be warm enough in winter, as long as every morning when she woke up, that smile was there for her, only for her. The chilling air touched her skin as a car flied pass. ‘What was happening behind that door?’‘Why was it so quiet tonight?’‘How was the owner of the property?’, wondered Dalloway. Those eyes were so sweet and glowing with bliss as they looked at her before their owner started to kiss her.

Suggested soundtrack: Piano Quintet in E-Flat, Op. 44: II. In Modo D’una Marcia (Un poco Largamente) by Robert Schumann – Quatuor Schumann & Gyula Stuller

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