Soliloquy on Intelligence

Read 21:31 You think you have read everything. Literature? philosophy? history? sciences? What else? You name it.

Read 21:31 Just ask and you can give an answer. Ask and you can find a solution.

Read 21:32 You believe that knowing all would make your life easier.

Read 21:32 Anytime you face problem, you can analyse it and come up with a way to approach either scientifically or else.

Read 21:33 Once you are stuck, you think learning more would definitely unlock that door and then you can go through… a step more to life.

Read 21:34 Until you are in this state where all your knowledge cannot help you open the door, not anymore.

Read 21:34 You start to stab yourself, believing that at one point you would be able to come up with something to unlock the door.

Read 21:35 “Why can’t you do it??? Why??? Do it!!! Do it now!!! Right now!!!”, shout you at yourself, yet you cannot come up with anything.

Read 21:35 And miserably you keep stabbing yourself.

Read 21:36 But somehow you know that for this time, one stab more will not make you come up with something but it will rather make you die.

Read 21:36 Blood all over your body, a knife is still in your hand.

Read 21:37 Tear keeps running out of your painful eyes. You month, “God please…”

Read 21:39 And he does not reply back.

Read 21:40 You hold the knife at your heart but you know, you know this time you will die.

Read 21:41 What is it behind that idea we have learned since our first day ever at school that mastering all knowledge would make your life easier?

Read 21:41 There is surely a limitation because knowing too much harms your life in some way.

Read 21:42 Logic does not always work, you see. I have a whole lot of experiences on this.

Read 21:42 Being the greatest of all would not make you a beloved of everybody.

Read 21:31 Someone told me the other day that intelligence will not make our life easier, wisdom does.

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