It’s Such a Quiet Life, isn’t it? Act IV


Enter Jane and Edward.

Edward: Tell me Jane, tell me all about you. I am most eager to know the story behind a wonderful young lady like you.

Jane (smiles): You will never wish to know it, I am sure.

Edward: Why Jane? Tell me my dear.

Jane: It is nothing bright, I have bore a lot of burden. You would leave me.

Edward: No Jane, why you think so?

Jane (softly holds Edward’s face): Look at your eyes, they are so lively.

Edward: What does this mean?

Jane: Nothing, I have miserable eyes.

Edward: No, they are pretty and you are so lovely. None of the evils in this world would dare to touch you.

Jane: They have done, sir. They have.

Edward hesitates.

Exit Edward.

Suggested soundtrack: Rain by Brian Crain

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