Soliloquy on Media

Read 11:38 One can possibly be good though with the world seeing her/him doing nothing. S/he could also contribute a whole lot of goodness to the world more than those people on media, but does not want attention.

Read 11:39 Or s/he may not have qualified qualities (of this era’s standard which I did not understand yet) enough to get media’s attention.

Read 11:39 I think s/he will not try to be qualified though. Of course, because s/he has done good things for goodness’ sake, not for media’s sake.

Read 11:40 What are on media in recent years just make me feel like people would never do good things for anything except for money and reputation which certainly come with attention.

Read 11:41 But I didn’t fully understand yet why people like to be a centre of attention that incredibly much.

Read 11:41 Maybe it goes back to being insecure living in this desert real world.

Read 11:42 Ah yeh, we all need some person/something to hold on to. We would like to make sure that we would never get left alone at the end.

Have a good luck, world.

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