It’s Such a Quiet Life, isn’t it? Act III


Enter Edward with a letter in his hand.

Edward (reading the letter): Dear sir, I have heard from my good old friends that you have been joyless recently… me either. If you have been drown under such sorrow because you regret leaving me, please come back. I have been waiting for you with all my modesty. However, if it is the guilty of hurting me that has deprived your felicity, please do not let it do. I was not angry at you, not at all. Not even once do I think you are wicked, my dear. We are human being. We fail, we do mistakes, we hurt people and if all these things you have done lately accidentally affect me… that is fine too, do not worry. What this desolate life has done to me help me understand such nature of life, doubtlessly. If the cord that once tied your honourable heart with my poor one had not yet snapped, please do come back. Yet if you ever thought of coming back to me just because you felt sorry, please leave me struggling through my pain on my own. My heart has longed for your affection, not your morality. I hope you find your way back to happiness soon, for the idea of you being well can always light up my world. Yours, always. Jane.

Edward (talking to himself): But Jane, you never speaks.

Suggested soundtrack: Ljósið by Ólafur Arnalds

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