Soliloquy on Social Network

Read 11:17 People like it this way, they like to be present. This social network is a made-up world, it is artificial.

Read 11:18 Those people who post a ton of their selfies with a caption that makes them look pretty and kind,

Read 11:18 Or those ones who tell the world how dark their life is, how miserable their relationship goes,

Read 11:18 Or those ones who show off their material stuff -expensive cosmetics, cloths, bags, cars and so on,

Read 11:18 They will be loved by this social world.

Read 11:18 They will receive loads of comment… Awww how cute you are!, Oh that’s so sad xoxo. Wow that’s beautiful -I want one! etc.

Read 11:18 Ugh, so artificial!

Read 11:19 Nothing wrong, they might not have anybody at all in their real life. No strong relationship or connection with any other human beings, not even with their parents, their friends nor colleagues. So they have to ask for it from social network, such a pity!

Read 11:23 Well, maybe it is unfair to blame them because we are also human being. Human being is easy to get dominated, and this age is the age of loners. People feel lonely because the real world has migrated to social network. Anybody who refuses to engage with that social world will be left alone. When they start to feel that loneliness of living in this world, they peek at that world. More and more steps they walk in, eventually they will not be able to go back since it feels so secure in that world with nobody get left behind.

Read 11:24 There, they get dominated and persuaded to create their (social) ideal image… the one who is so pretty, kind, wealthy and well-educated. Nonsense! you know they just imagine that self up and will hold on, because their peers in that world admire them with that image. As an artificial gratitude, they also admire them back… thank you! you are not so bad yourself! (Ugh!)

Read 11:25 New image and admiration… great job! not lonely anymore, huh? So go and live there forever. Nobody lives in this real world now you see, everybody has migrated there. Going back means loneliness, good god who would want to be lonely!

Read 11:25 Yeh, I also step into that world sometimes when I feel isolated, but to remain conscious is the key.

My life and myself are here in this real world. It is okay for me to be left alone, I am actually perfectly fine. Thank you, but I am not curious of how my imaginary image would be nor would I wish to receive such artificial admiration from that social world.

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