L’art pour L’art?

Technically yes, but practically no.

Analysis methods: Roland Barthes’ Semiotics and The Rule of Three (Mathematics).


1) Signifier: Photo of black soldier with his hand near his face

2) Signified: Black soldier saluting French flag

3) Sign = I) Signifier: Black soldier shows respect to France

II) Signified: Greatness of French military and so on

III) Sign: French imperialism


1) Signifier: Art

2) Signified: Self-expression (or whatsoever) of an artist

3) Sign = I) Signifier: Art

II) Signified: Social connotation (once it is open to public eyes)

III) Sign: Art is for public sake


1) Signifier: La Gare Saint-Lazare

2) Signified: Claude Monet’s impression

3) Sign = I) Signifier: La Gare Saint-Lazare

II) Signified: French industrialization

III) Sign: La Gare Saint-Lazare is for public sake

Oh god! I do not understand what I have just done, and my rebellious brain just refuses to go on thinking.

But you get what I try to say, right?

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